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StreetLyrics Photo and Poetry Book in English, Gaelic and German

Discover this extraordinary world of photography and poetry.

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Portraits zu unseren Füßen
Images at our feet
Ìomhaighean aig ar casan

Street art in the truest meaning – art that is lying on the street.
Everything about this book is extraordinary.

Extraordinary photographic subjects, in an extraordinary combination with poetry, in German and English and a further, extraordinary language – in Scottish Gaelic.

Expressive photographs show the aesthetics of manhole covers, embedded in their natural environment. The poems - sometimes deep, sometimes funny, sometimes abstract – are meant to stimulate your own thoughts.

A surprise: The special perspectives make us conscious of both the disparity and the similarities between the German and Scottish manhole covers and between the cultures. Connections become obvious, the invisible becomes visible. Remarkable images as symbols for the cultures of both countries.