Mustard Gift Set Christmas

A unique beautiful handmade stoneware pot, specially designed for Mustheb by Shoreline Stoneware North Uist, one of the lovely handcrafted juniper spoons and a jar of the limited Christmas mustard: an extraordinary gift, more special is hardly possible!

Available from mid of October - end of December

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The delicate textures captured on the surface of this mustard pot are highlighted by using natural material as a glaze. The raw material is collected by the potter Louise Cook, Shoreline Stoneware, directly from the ground on her croft in North Uist.

The beautiful handmade pot is fired at 1260°C, releasing the wonderfully rich natural tones. With this pot comes our Christmas mustard, flavoured with 7 festive spices - cardamom, cinnamon, clove, aniseed, mace, ginger and coriander. And as if that wasn't enough: there is also a handmade wooden spoon, completely natural and untreated, hand-carved from juniper wood.


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